Car Finder Service

Car Finder Service
My car finder services are ideal for those who don’t have the time, knowledge or energy to entre the hassle of a car sales / showroom arena to search your next perfect car.

Are you?

• Concerned that lack of expert knowledge could saddle you with an overpriced, poor car, and big repair bills?
• Not sure you can trust the dealer who stands to make good money from the car he’s trying to sell to you, and then the dreaded add on?
• Struggling to take time out of work to find your car,
• Not interested in travelling miles to see a car that turns out to be no good anyway

Then let me find it for you.

▪ Passing on the benefit of my extensive knowledge, contacts and experience to save you time, energy and money.
▪ Finding any new or used car you wish at the best price, saving you the time, hard work and hassle. Think of me as your personal car shoppers.
▪ Recommending cars for you if you need inspiration and guidance.
▪ Being your very own personal car expert, always on-hand and on-side to look after your best interests, saving you money, jargon and sales pressure.
▪ Ensuring you get the exact car you want.

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